Eco Premium Gift

绿色礼品 为您的客户或员工带来更多的喜悦和惊喜

GreenSun provides two customized green gift solutions, allowing organizations to tailor make

self-watering planters package with exclusive brand and color based on the requirements of clients

GS Planter提供两款不同绿色礼品订做服务,让各大机构能够根据服务对象和客户群,订製印有自家品牌和特定颜色的礼品套装,迎合客户要求

Self-Watering Planter Gift


Self-watering planter gift with exclusive brand and color, bringing sense of prestige and surprise to end users

储水式花盆礼品: 订做印有自家品牌的储水式花盆礼品,为客户和员工带来专属的优越感和惊喜。

Self-Watering Planting Kit


Self-watering planting gift with seeds and soil, providing a brand new and convenient planting experience

储水式花盆种植套装: 订做附有种子和泥土的储水式花盆礼品,为客户提供既崭新又方便的绿色种植新体验。


Package Contents


Package Contents